Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I came to a zone
Whose time I had not known
There was no will
And silence was a shill

The morning hour
Felt a little sour
The printed words cried aloud
Nowhere, no one was about

The streets were bare
And all the faces stared
Looking for stuff
That didn't matter enough

The eyes glared away
As monitors held their sway
Nary a hand comforted a shoulder
And each voice was iced and colder

They wrote beautiful words
Everyone expressed their hurt
Not a hand was at work
Consumed in its shirk

Time died
As no one replied
To the restless souls
With long forgotten goals

Houses gathered dust
Bare steel wore rust
While Silence ran astray
And flowers wilted to grey

The cold approaching night
Without a twinkle of light
Bereft of all care
Buried the town in despair

On top of the hill
Where bright lights filled
Laughter heard in pair
And wine glasses clinked till bare

The music could be heard
At the outskirts of dirt
Now nary a voice was raised
As roasted pigs were braised

The dusty road
Finally paced to the hoard
Rotting the House walls
And it's soul-less calls

The silence hit
Where the lamps once lit
And the lone voice cried
But the music had died

There is no more
No road, no store
No heart to care
No mind to despair

The town now is dead
False hope has fled
Time ticks for a knight
To bring day to this night

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