Friday, April 21, 2017


The Pain of Being

The heartache of losses. The fall from grace. The regrets and longings. The physical limits. To unknowingly hurt someone. To feel the torture of someone’s slings and arrows. To see anger. To feel the whips and scorns. To lie or cheat. To deceive. To lose time in despair. To suffer in silence. To regret.

The Regret of Being
The loss of time. The loss of someone. To live the present in the past. To feel the loss. To not have accomplished. To not have dreamt. To rush through an hour in sixty seconds. To miss the meteor shower. To miss the perfect sunset. To miss the blue moon. To not have happy memories. To live for the spare in the abundantly profound. To climb a mountain and wish for a hill. To regret.

The Comfort of Being
Time. To embark on a new journey. To learn. To understand. To venture. To feel the sunlight. To touch the air. To see the evening splash gold at sunset. To find the perfect leaf. To smell the perfect rose. To see the wild flowers covered hills. To live another adventure. To feel the baby's hand curl around your finger. To desire. To endeavor. To get up the eight time. To forgive. To forget. To be.

The Joy of Being
To see the smile spread between the corners of a baby's mouth as they crinkle the edges softly. To hear the laughter of a child, uninhibited by norms and corruption of time. To ease the burden off someone’s shoulders. To hear the lark. To see the autumn shadows, the winter’s white, the spring's green and the summer's pale. To feel the cool breeze on a warm day. To feel the warm sun on a cold day. To smell the memories of childhood. To see the lady bug alight on a green shoot.  To run the perfect mile. To see the colors of the rainbow. To behold the wonder in a child’s eye. To see sleepy eyes awaken. To find the answer. To forget time in the quest. To feel the warmth and comforts of love. To heal the wounds. To soothe the mind. To dream. To enjoy. To Love. To Live.

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