Wednesday, September 7, 2016


The Ultimate Substrate of Economic Health is embodied in what happens to any life. How the person takes care of himself or herself, how the family and society support that person. Overtime it appears that we in the western world have devolved from personal responsibility to blaming every pitfall on others. Some use it to benefit themselves, others use it to absolve themselves of guilt. The pattern remains the same. The cycle renews and has renewed for many generations, ultimately to be replaced by a new cycle.

One cycle appears to be coming to an end and where the next cycle begins is anyone’s guess?

The fundamentals define our future. In this complex world of finance in the United States, there are 320 million players who have an intimate stake in the outcome. The young ones who will create a new future, the middle aged who are functioning on maintaining the current paradigm and the elderly who hope to remain comfortable in their waning years.

The complex colorful origami is still made of paper in the end and fundamentals still matter for any outcome.

So here is a short rendering of the forces that are currently in play that create our economic futures. This by no means is a dystopian future, nor is it a utopian Shangdi-La. It is.

Where the future might lead is another Mind Map yet to come…but will come!

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