Sunday, November 29, 2015


Poetic Solution to the Two Variable Problem...


O Karl of the Pearsons
What have you done?
Created a mythic creature
Of sum.
The misfolded law
Of manifold
Exposes the ignorance
Of the many who hold
The reins of power
Who count the gold.

From observations squared
We extract expectations
Squared above and below
To arrive at conclusions;
Significant or not
Based on a number
between the freedom
In degrees and artificial bounds;
Where confidence grows

Capturing more ground.

Alas Chi is riddled with
Axioms, which rankle the soul
Expectations, what are they?
Where do they grow?
When did we arrive?
And what do they show?
Do we know?
Is it the premise of Bayes?
Or the wanton expectation
Of expectation
From where we derive that
Significance when looking at

So Karl
How do we measure the real
Truth, that hides beneath?
Do we add another decimal to soothe
Conscience’s sheath?
Or do we live on
in ignorance

Tied to the strings of your
laudatory treatise?

Ah but Karl is not here
The drama we face
Must go on
Incalculable in calculus
yet calculable
From eugenics to philosophy
Rewards so Faustian.

So square the difference and
Divide by the axiom
And live the dream
Of a dream,
in statistical fiction!

The many proofs we seek
Are weak
Diluted in jest
Under the wild eyed guess
Of a once nobleman
Who sought to nurture
The world
With Marxist Justice
And a function of
Probability when nothing else
Lurked to soothe the
Possibilities in a distant future.

The distributed frequencies
Of exclusive events
Sparkle in defense
Blossom and glow
To fill the particularity
That connives within
The Theory,
Resident in it
Stately distribution.
Proof it is, the falconer claims
As the falcon spirals in its gyre

Yet lift precedes the game.

Now probability has risen
To proof
And Null, where is null?
But the ever sinking hull
Of the ship
Beneath a sea of categories
Numbered to negate
The existential
Commonness of reality
Bound between intervals
That remain arbitrary.

How man in his infinite jest
Has clamored to
Bring the best of the best
And numb their minds
Of reality.
From an irrational number
A fraction of a fraction
which goads
And boasts that
Brass is gold.

Oh wicked, wicked
hymns of sharks
preying on the branches
of age old trees

that tilt to the breeze
in defiance
but remain rooted in place.
No sound, no fight
Just woosh,
They are free!

Maybe like the trees
Understand the force
Bend to its will
Yet forge a path
To raise your mind
Above the rest

Feel the breeze
And know the difference
What is
What is real.


                 Yes                No              Total

Yes             x                    y                 x+y

No              z                    d                  z+d

Total          x+z                 y+d               n


                  Yes                No                Total

Yes       (x+y)(x+z)/n   (x+y)(z+d)/n      x+y

No        (z+d)(x+z)/n   (z+d)(y+d)/n      z+d

Total          x+z               y+d                     n

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