Friday, October 23, 2015

ME and YOU

If you did not read, would these words have meaning?
I write this in hopes that you might read.
You read and comment in hopes to further thought.
Our very being, presupposes an eye, an ear, a mind, comprehension!
So then dear reader are we linked for our existence?
If we are, then does not our existence imply mutuality?

Heisenberg's duality exists.

Count you out
Is counting me out.
Particle or wave,
we are linked,
through sight.
My presence is through your eyes
My absence in yours.
Our desperate lives, lived in hope
Of connection.

Eve had Adam
To sooth his aching cage.
Shakespeare's idiot, his spectators and stage

My words persuade you to comment;
We are connected.
In your words, I find existential happiness.
In your absence a deeper sorrow.
The art of belonging is the art of love.
The art of neglect, a demented loneliness.

Without you, I am not me
And without me, are you?
Ambiguity lives
And then it is no more
Schrödinger's cat lives!

1 comment:

  1. Your words are not unseen. I read them--many times more than once. Your knowledge and intellect may leave me unable to write an educated comment, but I continue to read and each time learn a little more. Maybe that is the same for others.

    Your recent post “Curious Case of Certainty” caused me to remember words I heard when I was in my 20’s--“Nothing is certain but death and taxes”. Your words, “certainty is a human mind construct to feed its sense of security” made me add another: safety. With that my question "Why does the breast cancer awareness campaign concentrate on prevention and early detection?" was answered. It makes the stage IV community angry. I decided it provides the impression that if you do this or that you will be safe from breast cancer. You and I know there is no certainty there. Stage IV is not safe leaving this group of people feeling alone. Their voices lost. (Much like writing without commenters.) Consumerism is fueled by our perceptions of how something might keep us safe: safe cars, alarms for our homes, supposed safety by laws, the safety religions offer and the safety of mammograms.
    I asked my college-attending son about Heisenberg and Schrodinger. He told me this joke which you most likely have heard. I found it at Thought it might help any readers like me who find quantum mechanics challenging.
    Heisenberg and Schrödinger are driving in a car and they get pulled over. The police officer asks: “Do you know how fast you were going?” Heisenberg says, “Well, not really, but I can tell you exactly where I was.” The officer thinks that this peculiar response is grounds for a search. He finds a dead cat in the trunk, and he says: “Do you guys know that there’s a dead cat in your trunk?” and Schrödinger says, “Well, I do now!”

    Never stop writing. Someone is reading though they may remain silent.