Friday, September 4, 2015


Music has this immediate and powerful grab on the soul. It wraps you and then transports you into another dimension. That dimension might be a memorable past or some future unrealized.

Listen to this piece by Milana Zilnik where she interprets Beethoven’s Fur Elise and then mixes in some of her own melody.

by Milana Zilnik

Listen and you can imagine yourself floating In a sailboat on the still waters of a lake as the breeze slowly lifts you and you feel the sensation of the lift as the beautiful white sails fill and surge to the demands of the wind and the bow cuts through the water parting it to move yonder, daring to feel the future. The gentle lull as it seizes upon the moment slowly withdraws you from that sensation and the luff of the sails momentarily brings you back to the present. It is a push and pull of the notes, the surge of the desire and the melody that transports you into the peaceful vistas where human’s rarely visit. The colors splash from blue to orange to gold against the darkening sky. A glimpse of what is and what will be all bottled in the now. The layers of time merged onto one plane visible through the chime of each carefully struck note.

Anon, why there is the magical floating island and the roots of the trees just hang below while the plush green trees overwhelm the surface with a canopy of cover from the bright sun lurking in the cloudless sky. And there you are as the gentle breeze tugs away at the lapel of your shirt and then all is lost in the dream as the misty clouds blanket you in their cool comfort.

The colors splash here and there and the Spartan landscape soon is enriched with each drop and each stroke until the majesty of the canvas is a phantasmagoric rendering of the Masters.

And yet the desire is still incomplete as Milana weaves away the knots and folds of this beautiful tapestry into a version of Beethoven’s masterpiece that transcends the master’s own version. Each note a surrogate of tireless thought, each sound a mix of desire and each melodious offering a captured intensity. The continuity is all.

There is something about music that moves the soul. Something about the way it creates a resonance and the involuntary physical movement that accompanies the flow of the movement without a conscious thought evoked. This magical movement of the notes wrap themselves around the neuronal matrix in the brain and stimulates the electrical impulses quite adeptly with a bright unconscious illumination. It stops babies in midstream even in hunger, children pause to play their next move, adults unload their weighty burdens of life, allows the elderly to float away on an island where their brushes with harsh reality is forgotten and in that brief of time many lifetimes are explored.

Music transports, illuminates, educates, expands time and makes us contemplate meaning of that momentary arrows flight. Slowly and perceptibly the deeper strata unveil their mysteries and a clock's hour is stretched many fold. Superficial strata no longer pleases. As the melody ends, you wish it would continue…And you play this...Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No.1 and feel satiated!

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