Saturday, October 18, 2014

The BIG DATA Factory

We clamber for proof
Through the muddiest of spoofs
Living dangerously amidst
The high flying acts

There are ventures galore
Inspired by the vultures of yore
Singing songs without
Beginning or end

In what becomes a tale
Of words that have gone stale
Building castles of glass
That shatter with light

The monster within
Hides it's spectral kin
Forcing the ball and chain
To wreak havoc through gain

From the lofty sight
Where blindness alights
And numbers flow
With outcomes that glow

The wisdom of a few
Finally askance and askew
Turns to search the truth
Hidden deep in their soul

Might one find the fare
That lay hidden in despair
In the catacombs of dust
Filled with shards of rust

The mountain of data
Bury the layers of strata
And only shows the glint
Of someone else's dint

Where are we today
How far did we stray
Where more do we go
Before we lose sight of the goal

That intellect of man
Was made to enhance the clan
And not live in despair
Under shadows of disrepair

Where Big Data lives
And all bow to its gives
Of false gods and premise
As truth lies asleep

Only if p had values
And Odds held ratios
Standards showed no Deviation
Truth would compel us more

To find a needle in the stack of hay
That grows bigger each day
Where no light can shine
And darkness fills the decline

Only time will tell
How this deep dark well
Will unfold its truths
To those who live for proofs

Time marches on
As decay becomes the norm
Through the pseudo in science
Fills ignorance’s blithe

One day soon
When a few stop to swoon
And come to realize
That there are gremlins inside

This big data factory
That hides truth and reality
Under the guise of wisdom
To someone's narcissism

And all that was termed good
Is but darkness under the hood
Where the select flourish
From lies that self-nourish

It might be time
To climb the shoulders of giants
Remember their toil
And the sacrifices they made

See further than you've seen
Dream bigger than you've dreamt
Live better than you've lived
And think inspired!

Intuition beats the miscellany
Of numbers and bits
One piece is never all
And all is not one bit

Science lives through reason
As reason flows in logic
Both are parts of science
Both are parts of the whole

Marry logic to reason
And reason to thought
What then is in store
Is our future life's lore.

Looking for the needle?
Take this exit...

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