Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Some things are patently wrong and require the conscious to speak out...

I read about the King family that is awaiting extradition to the United Kingdom after taking their child out of the UK hospital where the child was denied the benefit of Proton beam Therapy for a diagnosis of Medulloblastoma (a brain tumor). It does not matter whether Proton Beam Therapy will cure or even extend survival of the child for that matter. What is important is that the King family’s desired to seek help on their own dime and not on the public dole, outside the reaches of the NHS and this want should not be the purview of any authority, state or liege.

What is beguiling is the long heavy arm of the law going after the parents whose only intent is to save their child. The father sold a home to have the money so he could seek Proton Beam therapy in one of the close neighboring European Countries. The parents decided to take the child out of the UK hospital in search for the medical help they sought. What could be wrong with that? The Public Healthcare of the National Health Services of the United Kingdom comes to mind? A denied need by the Central Planners cannot be overturned even if one wants to spend one’s own money? It is a system of Cost Control on the treatment of malignant illness! “No, that is not in the rule book, Sir!”

It brings the bile wave crashing at one’s conscience’s shores to allow something like this to happen. It is a travesty to prevent someone to seek a different modality of care. To exercise the long arm of the law and the heavy hand of the enforcers in order to quell such a desire is beneath a country that has always dedicated itself to Liberty and Freedom.

These might be the times the future will look upon with tinted shades. The darkness itself appears deadly and the only way to visit the present in the future will be to avoid it.

The King family now awaits extradition orders while the Spanish judge has enforced that the King family is barred from visiting the child and the child is now a ward of the court. A travesty upon travesty! What on earth is going on in these so-called “civilized societies” is nothing less than a value proposition that borders on barbaric.

Maybe sense will prevail. Just maybe?

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  1. "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"
    Ronald Wilson Reagan