Monday, August 18, 2014


The crispness of the morning breeze brings with it a shudder to the blanketed-warm skin, its freshness evokes desires and wants for more. Such is with truth, undiluted by the perpetual sea of falsehood, it forces within the mind, a revolution. Away from the interlocking strains of glorified lies, this monastery of reality stands firm against these manipulating truth defying savages.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle

The mind, the organ of intuit and reason, the wisp of nothingness that holds within its nebulous architecture, a version of reality, seems oddly the place where reality or for that matter anything should exist. Yet it does and no one has yet been able to decipher, what “mind” is or for that matter where it is?

Is mind a concoction of the human brain, deflecting responsibility of its own action or inaction? Is it the personage of the being? An oddly relevant companion that lurks in the shadows of existence, who no one can see, measure or understand, yet is probed for all things seemingly justified.

The new PET/reporter gene-PET/reporter probes might give this invisible existence, structure one day or may rob us humans of a perfectly legitimate scapegoat for our own misdoings. How then will we ascribe our socially wayward behaviors to the aegis of mind-control? And speaking of mind-control what about the realm of psychic warriors where exactly will their battalion of “seers” end up? If we can see the “mind” in action then the psychic domain becomes a visual for all to see.

This mind probing thing could bring with it an upheaval in human rational thought, couldn’t it? How would one translate, “In my mind there exists…” Yeah, okay, now where would that existence next find habitat?
Conjuring up the next artificial intelligent robot then could we sprinkle a little dust of the “mind” in it so that one day Asimov’s dream would come alive but at what human peril? I shudder to think about the HALs; their next generation! Imagine HAL 10000. “No you may not drink the 16oz big gulp…if you disobey my laser is set on stun.”

Yes but, some might like that idea. Why not empower robots to modify human behavior on the streets, after all those that envision such a life seem to want control and safety against all liberties. It would be well, until the laser is pointed at them.

Indeed life is about to change with 20 petabytes of data emerging every day and being harnessed in “warehouses,” “lakes,” and soon “cities” and “states” appear not too far behind. Analyzing them through the wonders of predictive models will bring the era of machine ordered security of the Jetsons or was it the Flintstones? And might not we humans end up in the “planet of the robots?” Something for Hollywood to consider!

So I ask you dear reader after that first chill of the morning air, a loaded cup of hot coffee and a desire, what would you do differently?

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