Wednesday, July 9, 2014


...and The False Incredibly inflated (lepto) kurtosis of sap!

"The Important thing is not to stop Questioning"- Albert Einstein

We have tools
We have ghouls
But nowhere are there more fools
Than in the rules
from those who govern the tools!
           In the bias
           That climbs on the shoulders
           To bring plausibility
           Through implied causality,
Where is ignorance?
Where is reality?
Where are all the tools of Reason?
           When did justification
           Fill the void
           And intellect
           Become Treason?
           In the name of Progress!
           For every season
What is it that drives this madness?
What is it that foments this fear?
What is it that stokes this fire?
Of Ignorance laid bare!
           When did this tall sap
           Spawned by the spray of illogic
           Blown through the aperture
           Of a fat tail
           Confined to the deviation of two
           Become logic?
I see
Before me
The making of a genie
Devoid of Bayesian food
That cannot answer a wish
But bloats and floats
Hovers and covers
Behind the mask of We!
           Frailty thy name is true
           Pseudo in your thought
           Mocking in your action
           You always fall from grace
           But never too far
           From the sap
           Where your existence
           Remains tethered in place!
Oh humanity how foolish
Oh reason how devoid
Of life how gray
Of living how perilous
What is to become?
What is to remain?
What is in the end?
But emptiness and blame!
           The logic of a strain
           That grows viral each day
           From this to this
           And that to that
           From tools from ghouls
           That manifest!
           The impoverished spirit that makes us less!
Should we not complain?
Should we hide our feelings?
Should we live in disdain?
Should we marshal thoughts
Float them into life's vein
And continue our effaced reeling?
            Or forge the audacity
            Of courage
            Not crying for fear
            Nor living in rear
            And use the limits
            Of Common Sense
            To force life
            Into the future tense!
When love of virtue
Integrity of knowledge
Wisdom of time
And governance of province
Will bring ceremony
To Logic
And free of treason
Life will be whole
And True
Once again
Matched to Reason!

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