Friday, July 4, 2014


The skein of the word opportunity folds within itself a verb for action. Ultimately it is that, which without renders the word impotent. And in many ways man has evolved to create a spectrum of actions that has fashioned the surroundings around him. We build and destroy to build again. We craft and cajole to morph the world in an image broadcast only in one’s mind’s eye.

I have a fascination with the concept of opportunities. It has untold beauty and acres of desolation wrapped up in the warp and woof of it.

From afar the lenticular clouds have grace and stationary beauty but as one comes closer the raw tumult and sheer mayhem within is surprising and distasteful. Therein lies the probable opportunity for harm. Oops, I started on the wrong foot. Let me take that back and start anew, but remember there are opportunities for good as well as bad and it all depends on your psychological bent.
It is the same in the perfectly beautiful shoreline of any coast from a six mile high view but the ragged fractals are even more so mesmerizing and difficult on the ground. The continuous power of the forces that exert their influence is what we as humans must harness to our needs.

The distant beauty has hidden within it the imperfections of a much more ravishing undisturbed and raw state of exquisiteness. The complexity of the fractals rendered to the naked eye, unfolds an elegant repetitive orderliness that astonishes. What is, is, often not what it seems!

Similarly in states of chaos and change there are subtle forces at work. These forces through the heat of friction from differing ideation create a momentum for the mass to gain an alternate vector of energy, which becomes transformational in itself. It is like writing; the initial thought is never the end product! It is a continuum of evolving forces that bend and twist to suit the master. Through words there is intended action and through that action a story unfolds. An opportunity lies dormant in all states of being.

Finding opportunities is for the fecund empty mind that has the capacity to distill its essence. We all see the same, but folded within that visual is the deeply ingrained searchlight of biased preferences. It is in that bias of thought that differing actions reside. This inaction sits and waits, warmed under the boil, ready to reveal itself in time.

All present must go through the sharp focus of the lens of turbulence- the hard work. The force exerted upon it is dislocating, traumatic and painful and yet once through to the future a different dignity beholds.
The trauma of today may become the source of laughter tomorrow. In that trauma, stagnant and unmoving, is the choice to craft a new view of the future. In that momentary frameless discomfort a new life awaits!

The stories abound; of a child with asthma who grows up to be an artist on a wind instrument, a victim of a neurological disease contemplates the itching of the universe, a child with vertigo conquers the fears and becomes a jet jockey, in deafness the most harmonious of harmonies are writ on the parchment. Such realities force upon us the logic of plasticity of the human endeavor. Our accomplishments are foretold sometime in the wails of dismal backgrounds. To some the challenges become daunting to the point of persistent incapacity of thought, habit and character, while to others they create the fabric of the canvas where they grow to paint the brightest colors ever imagined.

Opportunity then is a vision from a distance, a mirage on a hot summer’s day. The craft and mold of it into reality is what the future reveals. Like the first pluck on a guitar string, the possibilities of harmony are endless and then with hard work and dedication, and an open spirit of creativity the possibilities turn into a melody.

So go ahead and pluck that first string and record the first note!

To those that fall from the weakness of their conviction, all I can say is, “buck up, it is your life!”

To those who pick up and move on to higher grounds I say, “You are the inspiration, Thank you!”

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