Sunday, November 24, 2013


Today, I attempt to answer the question, Is the human mind’s pantheon of self-preservation under the umbrella of Invulnerability and if so, then when does the scaffolding of that mental framework come crashing down to reality?

A difficult question it is to ascertain for sure. But there are some leads into reality that focus our attention on things that go Hmmm each day.

Let us take a child of four for instance, when confronted with the ordeal of disease, he or she responds with little apprehension. And most of the apprehension he or she feels is through the eyes of the parents. Left to their own devices, children do not anticipate hardships, fatality, loss of existence or any such attributes that are allocated to the mental corruption that comes from aging. (forgive my harshness here) adults live in the existential doldrums of disease and disability in their  minds.

But as we age and achieve materialism and through that, confidence we gain the cocky sense of self, there is acquired a certain disdain for death. “Nothing can touch me!” Really? But nature, as we all know has a method to correct any such self-reverence with the minor inconvenience of a non-life threatening ailment. Then and only then, all fears come crashing through. Such is the inspiration of humility.

And then as the skin weathers, the joints creek and memory fails, the certainty of the inevitable visit to the undiscovered country becomes a foregone conclusion and in Shakespeare’s words, “readiness is all.” Life is lived in an expectant mode. Where the fears and reality grip at the tendons each day and make them taut and fragile.

Now imagine if one was to keep that innocent frame of reference and enjoy life as if all the sunshine was there for play, work, harmony with friends and family. Imagine if the only obstacles that were in the way were the mental ones of “don’ts” and “cannots” that were wiped clean. Now imagine the productivity from this exquisite sense of self. This non-impetuous, easily evolving, experiential learning would then become the path to enlightenment. Death and its other feared vicissitudes would not hold the power of a single candle to the glow of the exquisite vulnerability of living for each day.

Ah yes, to think it, achieve it and live it!
Live for each day.
Work hard ~ for in labor lies posterity and the future.
Play hard ~ for in play lies vigor.
Laugh hard ~ for in laughter lies eternal youth.
Eat right ~ for in the proper diet lies purity of each of our inner sanctums.

Think Critically as always!

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