Sunday, February 17, 2013



H: Health ~ Yours and Mine 
I: Insurance (Information) ~ Yours and Mine
P: Portability ~ Take the health insurance and information everywhere from anywhere
A: Accountability ~ For Physicians’ hide Only!
A: Act ~ Oh yeah plenty of that.

Missing from the dialog and discussion: 

1. Missing: The Business Entity (anyone designated as a Business Entity, including lawyers, administrators, business related entities, strangers etc.) who can have full access.

2. Missing: The aggrieved family members who were accidentally left off the HIPAA form and now cannot get information about their loved ones ~ creating a gulf and a distress between the family and the physician.

3. Missing: The Information technology (IT) Thieves that make the portability a profitable venture.

4. Missing: The hapless patient caught in the middle of a 173 page regulatory legalistic  boondoggle ~ is told it is for his or her benefit but has no idea of its ramification.

5. Missing: The hapless physician office staff that spends inordinate amount of time explaining the regulatory need.

6. Missing: The Presidential seal of approval for physician to report firearms data from patient about their family members. A perilous dichotomy in that road less traveled!

7. Missing: The Physician Penalties including losing their license privileges enforced by the Board of Medial Examiners for any and all minor or major breaches. Sorry is not an option nor an acceptable refrain. Oh and our dear beloved AMA states that HIPAA is getting tougher on physicians. And then wrings its bejeweled hands. (A little snark)

Who Wins: The Lawyers, The Regulators, The Big Data Administrators, The Licensing Authorities, HHS Attorneys.

Who Loses: The Patient, The Family, The Physician.

 ‘Nuff said!

The 562 page HIPAA Law and the AMA interpretation below:

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  1. Nice piece! Excellent points about the many potential problems with HIPAA as currently written.