Sunday, December 23, 2012

T'was the Night Before Christmas

The Silence of the night
Has, many voices
The night before
Has, many days.

When the lab’s ears
Have flopped shut
And the cat’s
Meow is a purr
The dark landscape
Is a tumult~
Of houses and hills,
Of vacant roads
And snow-flakes in still.
Merry Christmas to all
All will be well!

When lights are dimmed
And life dreams
Of elves and sleighs
Of cookies and milk
A painful cry leaves
An ache in its wake
And the bleary eyes
Shake off the fog.
The need is great!

Beneath bright lights
The watchful eye
Governs the landscape,
Ache is identified
And the pain is released.
The eye discerns
as the ears monitor
and the brain weighs
All is well.
Merry Christmas
You will be well!

The doctor reaches
To leave and catch a wink
But the morning
Has broken.
More lives need a rescue,
More hearts need a mend
The Night is not yet done
Humanity still needs a link.
Merry Christmas to all
All will be well! 

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