Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

I opened the door today and there in front was a package. It is after Christmas and today is New year’s Eve to boot. But there it was tied up nicely in a red bow.

It felt light, very light.

I opened the package.

And there was a letter in it.

“Dear JediPD (I know, you know that I know who you are, so we will leave it at that),

Rudolph had a routing by your house, so I asked him to drop this off.”

“Rudolph was here!” I exclaimed, loud enough to catch my own words in mid sentence and lower the pitch and loudness for fear neighbors might raise their collective eyebrows.

The note goes on:

“I have noticed an edge in your words and gently suggest you tweak them, I know in your heart of heart there is a well of good wishes for everyone. So let them show, but not with an edge.”

Had I been so overtly insensitive? Maybe? But then again I thought I was just stating the obvious as it appeared to me. Edge? What edge? Go on…

“Remember it is the good deed and not the spoken word that ultimately survives.”

You can say it again.

“But words hurt.”

Yeah but, sometime one needs to express the obvious, you know!

“I know you feel that you have to express the obvious, but try it delicately.”

Boy can he read my mind!

“So here is the essence of what I am saying.”

Do go on…

“Work hard at what makes you happiest, make others happier, educate them of what knowledge you possess and learn from them what they know.”

Uh huh…

“It is in the mind meld of many ideas that a true thought is born that can change the world. And I agree, this world needs a little help.”

Does it?

“And if you do this well, next year expect a real bonus for your hard work from me. I am expanding my sleigh volume for just such bonuses for many like you. (Plus Rudolph has been building his muscles and his nose now shines like the light on the Polar Express locomotive. Oops, I forgot you don’t have locomotives anymore, do you? It’s the Mag-Lev or some stuff like that.”

We have space shuttles, solid fuels and high bypass turbines baby! No need to worry about cracking the frozen ice on a lake anymore.

“Anyway, think about what I have said. Work hard and the bonuses will come.”

And what would the bonus be?

"The bonus will be something that your heart will desire then, not now. As you know time changes everything!"

Whoa how did he know that? Creepy.

“But if you sit on the sofa all day, playing with the iPad or the video games on your computer, then, I am afraid, your home address might be struck off Rudolph’s roster. But that you already know.”

Pray tell that to others too…while I shut down this computer.

“Anyway, wishing you and your family a Happy Healthy 2013 and beyond and hoping that I can fill your bag of goodies to the hilt commensurate with your hard work.”


Santa Claus

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