Friday, September 14, 2012

Strange Melodies

They talk of changeable rhythms of the heart, the kind that go from lup-dup to brrrrrp causing untold misery to the patient. Similarly, humans give out signals of love and hate, of anger and peace, of vitriol and quiescence, of joy and despair. We are in a constant stream of rhythmic waves oscillating in the ether, all twisting, mixing and merging. And yet today we don’t see or hear them anymore. The isolation is deafening!

We are losing our sense of connection. Our eyes are forever locked onto the keyboards of ever-diminishing hand held screens. We smile or scowl at these mechanical devices while the world goes by, and Einstein's train slows down while time speeds up. The trees with their collection of birds, or the flowers with their assortment of bees and butterflies are now back in their own Pre-Cambrian domain isolated from the stare of the human eyes~ a colorful world viewed through grey lenses.

And then there is the human race isolating from itself as it devolves all thought and action into the world of glowing screens.

The seven-year old, texts her mother about her plans for the afternoon, while she is in the next room sending a text message to her neighbor. The boyfriend texts a love note to his girlfriend sitting next to him and she giggles in response. The wife texts about the young kids, embroiled in a fight and the father responds with a message to each with a reprimand. Meanwhile the toddler plays with the computer tablet and the infant looks intently to her older sibling, gathering information of what is to come.

What happened to looking into those beautiful baby blues or browns or blacks? What happened to looking through the dark mysterious pools into the soul and realizing the intent? 

Can a written word express the real meaning of what is felt? If not, then is the society losing its sense of feeling? Is this the reason why so many are bereft of emotions and qualify for a stake in the sand-box of the sociopath field? Are we losing our humanity?

There is a story in every eye that blinks, in every lip that curls and every fist that uncurls. There is a tale to be heard, like those camp fireside chats of hobgoblins, of dragons, of swords and archery, of love, of kindness and treachery. There is where we behold the delicious terror through the wide-eyed story-teller’s concocted emotions and display. A quick hand gesture after a moment of silence is enough to draw beaker-filled nerve stimulants into the nerve-endings to make every muscle twitch.  None of that can be simulated on the little screen that glows. Yet we are blinded by the rage of the tiny blinking screens. We are oblivious to each other’s nuanced emotions. If it isn’t seen on the screen maybe it does not exist. But it does. It does! The whole beautiful overarching canopy of wonderful sights and sounds, they exist. I promise you, they do! Just take the time to see them.

What will become of us? Ever think it through. Will we lose the sense of touch, and smell? Will we eventually become the animated robotic versions of our former selves? We have become the HALs of yesterday and are on target to become the WATSONs of tomorrow, with more unnecessary information loaded within, but without the essence of the deep knowledge and understanding to utilize it with deliberate efficiency. We seem to be moving into the realm of a society that augurs anger and laughter to the flash on the tiny screen. We seem to be losing the sense of touch and feel. Maybe, I plead to my inner sense of hope, that the pendulum has swung as far as it can go and now has nowhere to go, but come back to the center. Maybe? Just maybe?

We need to listen to the strange melodies of each other’s nature. We need to hear the sounds of our inner beings. We need to connect to the symphony of the human spirit. We need to connect with each other through the rhythm of our souls.

We need to talk to one another, see each other and hold together, for the world is a lonely place!

We need to talk!

"Hi there, Hows it going?"
"Any plans for the evening?"
"Yeah. I'm going to tell a story to the kids."
"Bravo! may I come?"

Lets Listen... For you never know what you might hear and learn...

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