Friday, August 17, 2012

The Fundamental Frequency of Coupling

There is something strange, if not deranged about this whole concept. For instance how can someone have an opinion so disturbingly idiotic that even rationale and reason cannot go near it. But then, I look inside me and wonder what the other person is thinking. Am I the same in their eyes? Of course I am. I am the same monster in their idea of demons as they appear to be in mine all because we hold differing opinions about a common issue. How can one be diametrically opposed to another in this, the world where information travels at blinding speed from here to there and back without taking a breath? But then, if the same information is reaching all corners at the same time why must someone look at it in an opposing manner.

Chills the mind a bit don’t you think?

The “why” is an articulate question, weighted in it is the burden of the past. What I mean is that everyone has a “Samsonite” full of baggage from the past. It is the culmination of a series of unfortunate or fortunate events that have brought forth such a thought process that now dictates.

Let me explain…

Ptolemy and Galileo:

Remember the Ptolemiac pronouncements of the geocentric Universe? Well back in the days of 1512 up until 1609, the held ground was that the earth was the center of the universe and all other objects swirled and twirled around her. And if you would take a time-lapse photography of the sly at night the myriads of stars do seem to enter from the east and get swallowed by the west. The belief was so strong that it ended up in the religious fervor of that century. So when Galileo acting on Copernicus’s thought peered through the telescope and found a differing view of the universe; the sun was the center. All hell broke loose in the religious order thereafter. How dare he (Galileo) challenge the authority of the church that the Pope had decreed to be the infallible truth. The inquisition followed and eventually rational minds prevailed. So for almost a hundred years the prevailing view was deranged, so to speak.

Blood Letting:

In medicine there are many such examples, but foremost amongst them is the “blood-letting” therapy for all ailments. The Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks and the Aztecs all believed in the benefits of “blood letting.” 

This source of thought seems to have emanated from the likes of Hippocrates who believed that menstruation in women was largely a function of “purging women of bad humors.” And as students are sure to follow their teachers, Galen followed Hippocrates lead and devised a complex measurement of the need for “blood letting” based on age, sex, weather and place. The process had been ongoing for at least 2000 years and even through Sir William Harvey’s denunciation of it in 1628, the ongoing cause was further celebrated by Sir William Osler all the way into 1923 edition of his textbook “The Principles and Practice of Medicine” In fact “Blood-Letting” was the celebrated treatment for disease as varied as acne to asthma, from cancer to cholera, insanity to tuberculosis and even nosebleed, excessive menstruation, and even hemorrhoidal bleeding. So much so that as scientific minded doctors in the early 20th Century started to move away from this form of therapy. The “barber doctors” continued for while, that is why the Barber-Poles have the red and white striped poles outside their shops even today. The red represented “blood-letting” and the white represents the tourniquet while the pole is the lancing “stick.”

Demonic Possessions:

In millennia preceding and during those times there was also a resident concept of “demonic possession of the soul.” Insanity and psychological ailments were considered nothing more than the “the devil in you.” Exorcisms and prayers to various gods was practiced to expel the “evil spirits.” These concepts held sway just as the “Witches of Salem,” in 1692 in Massachusetts. These emotional frequencies of resident thought that pervaded the human minds and belief were only a “I think so” away from finding "reality" and fitting in the closet of "truths.".

The best available science is just that, “best available.” It is not the end-all, be-all. It is a doctrine of a practice accepted by most if not all. It is the practice of medicine. Will it be different tomorrow? You bet! Will it be better the day after tomorrow? Maybe, but it will be different!


So consider our current thought and reflect upon it. When one states unequivocally that he or she has the answer and that everyone is swimming in the sea of idiocy, for not seeing the truth. Something is rotten in his or her state of state. Is he or she drumming to the beat of his/her own drum, rather then the chorus that surrounds? Probably! Where is in him/her that fundamental of all frequency, which makes knowledge complete with all the facts?

Most time there is no resonance, only dissonance, unfortunately.

Most time there is a grand bias that inflates a prospect to glory.

And only some time there is coherence of the frequencies.

Crucible of Wisdom:

That brings me to another whispering thought: I was young and foolish once, as I will remind myself to be when I am older; that, opinions of all code and conduct, of all decree and thought, of all majesty and commonness, of all gale and silence, of all loud and soft, of all innocence and guilt, of all that matters, should comport themselves into the crucible of wisdom. It is here, where we draw the elixir of the future and quench our desire through progress. It is in this mix that much is told and much is revealed. It is in this that, that is found; the truth, which we seek. It is in here that true Evidence lies, one that resonates with all known hypotheses, facts and known human truths.

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