Saturday, July 7, 2012

Higgs Boson

A millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a millionth of a second and a theory is confirmed. This was in the five Sigma range or the probability was statistically powered at 99.97% that this was true and a 0.023% chance of an error.

It took 40 years from a hypothesis leveled in a theory and subsequently confirmed to the (nth) degree (mentioned above) at a cost of $10 billion. That is a phenomenal dedication, an awe-inspiring persistence that should give us all pause.

Put that in perspective of the Nicholas Copernican claim of the "Heliocentric" universe in 1512 was ultimately confirmed by none other than Galileo Galilee on August 25th, 1609. That confirmation led to an inquisition of one of the great minds of science because it dared to overturn a long held view of Geocentricism. But we have moved on from such ossified warring views. 

Think about it for a second. You posit a theory captured by your imagination and have no way to prove it, mostly because you do not have the tools. Your theory inspires a host of others that dedicate their lives and involve hundreds and thousands more to gather the tools and the resources to create the machine like the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN to deliver the results.

The question then arises that seems to haunt us all, albeit momentarily, is what will the discovery of a transitional particle with a energy of 125GeV decaying into the WZ particles have harnessed within it to be exploited for humanity's benefit?

There are many that say “It will, It will.” Are now after a few days after the fact have changed their cause to “It could, It might.”

But seriously sometime later in time when our abilities catch up to our thoughts there will be a purpose to harvest the Bosons and “Glue” them together with limited but focused electromagnetic energy. This fusion will power the world and make the planet appear like a diamond in space on its “dark-side” for aliens to realize life over here. Uh, maybe not. That reminds me of the War of the Worlds (but we do have viruses) and Independence Day (As long as Will Smith is around) we’ll be okay.

Let me come back to Professor Peter Higgs kernel of thought, expression of his hypothesis; hypothesizing a theoretical Higgs Field that confers energy and mass to any particle interacting with the “field.” Ideas come in at all hours of the day and night. They press, pull, cajole and confound the senses. Sometime they probe, provoke, and prick the conscience of mathematical thought and ultimately form follows function. His genius finally shines.

Let us all resolve to move the needle forward. Let us push the thought another step, let us make the unmake-able, let us do the undo able and advance our moment in time.

One thought into action creates more thoughts and more actions and that is the train that carries the nuance of our success in all fields of endeavor.

Let us…  

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