Friday, May 25, 2012

Future in Healthcare

You wont need a degree in the future. No PhDs or MDs not even a Batchelor degree in Art for that matter. The future will be about Self-Discovery. You will have finally come around to the stage of Nirvana, where information will unfold before you and you will be the wiser. However, you will have to reach out and take personal responsibility to achieve this vaunted elevation.

It will be all about the educated mind. Educated? But didn’t I just say that there will be no need for degrees? I did and for a reason. Education is not about degrees anymore. Knowledge is disseminating and expanding at the rate predicted by the Moore’s Law. More transistors on the chip leads to more information to cull, akin to more functioning brain cell connections leads to a large fund of knowledge. Those with the curious bent will have their health at their fingertips. They will understand and hopefully educate others. These will be the doctors of the future. Trained to understand and dispense the knowledge. Trained to realize the potential of eliminating disease. Trained to advise a positive change in life-style with close observation. Trained to obviate circumstantiality. Trained to be the physicians of the future.

Internet and the CHIP:
There will be websites to wade through and take quick self-tests for symptoms that will point one to a particular ailment or a differential of ailments. A refined multi-server IBM Watson or its progeny will be main-lined for all. One would then find the appropriate test on the internet-market and perform the test at home. If the quiz determined a 30% probability of say, a certain cancer, then you would buy a multiple gene array chip, drop a drop of your blood/saliva/urine on it and send it back for the answer. Chips exist at this time, but they will need to be marketed for each specific malignancy as well as “many in one.” This however is predicated on the present information and soon to be had future knowledge.
Affymetrix Chips

Microarray chips

Further down the road, did I mention that there will nano-wires and nano-discs floating around in the blood stream for high risk individuals for cancer that will determine the first wayward cell and send alert for where and what based on fluorescent conjugate scanning technology.

Infused nano-wired and scaffolding for stem cells

 Thereafter other nano-devices will be able to send anti-cancer molecules to disrupt the genesis.

Nano-wires interacting with cells

Nano-disks gobbling up cancer cells

Please also read Future of Medicine if so inclined.

Speaking of Diabetes. In the first instance if it is Type 2 Diabetes, and obesity is a factor, you owe life to yourself to quit the high caloric diet and ration yourself along with a healthy dose of exercise. 
Pancreatic Islets of Langerhans

Those with the Juvenile type will have stem cells/epigenetic drivers of certain sugar control genes infused to regenerate the pancreatic Langeran Islets, so that Insulin can force the sugar molecules into the muscles and brain around where its needed.

Heart Disease:
Chronic Heart disease for those who love Twinkies/Brownies will be countered with a pill that regulates the pluri-potent cells to repopulate any damaged cardiomyocytes (heart cells) due to a “heart attack.” 

It will be “transplant in a syringe”. And speaking of atherosclerotic plaques, an oral additive will prevent that just by suppressing the gene that harasses humans currently. It will shut down the inflammatory sequence that invites the cholesterol and creates the artery luminal damage and disruption of the laminar flow of blood. 
CECs (Circulating Endothelial Cells)

A pre-heart attack warning will be notified via the circulating endothelial cells (CEC) in the blood stream or their secretory products detected by the nano-wires. The nano-discs will take over and send signals to reduce inflammation, counter the sticky platelets in the blood stream for appropriate preventative measure. Any coronary artery constriction due to atherogenesis will be dissolved rapidly.

Chronic inflammation will be resolved by reducing obesity, tempering various molecules like NFkB in the blood stream. The nano-wires will detect if the inflammasomes are increasing and give appropriate warnings on the smartphones to increase the inhibiting supplements, available freely in diet.

Prevention will be the name of the game. Will we live longer? Quite possibly yes. But we better make sure the Star trek "Replicators" are invented to put food on the table for all. Funny that the therapy of the future in the form of nanodisks looks so much like Wimpy's Sandwich. "What goes around comes around."

Wimpy and his sandwich

I do pity the educated hypochondriac of the future though.

The uneducated or  “other side of the coin” will unfortunately filter through the jungle of “take this” for “that hurts.”

So if you want the future, educate yourself in ways that will benefit you and your family.

Live Long and Prosper!

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