Monday, January 2, 2012

In all, In all

Something good comes this way
Something good comes
Something good

Reason fails to win and sway
Confusion fouls reason
The heart shivers in stead
The mind is cold, fearing treason

Something comes this way
Something dark and unseen
The walls are up and doors closed
Something bad it seems

Something comes
But nothing that the eyes see
Yet something comes this way
Foreswear its fearful and confusing

Something comes this way
Something unseen
Something does come this way
Alas Something good it seems

Something good comes this way
Something fills the void
Something lights the dark
Something paves the path

The good in life rejoices
Fills the emptiness within
The light that shines aloft
Dims the shadows of all sin
The pavement stretches ahead
The path, is lit to follow

Something caresses the soul
Something touches the face
Something warms the heart
Something feeds the faith

The soul is all filled
With the joys of giving
The face all blushed
With tenderness and love
The heart all warmed
With comforts of confession
The faith all healed
With blossoming passion

In all that is us
In all that we are
In all that we think
In all, In all

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