Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I wonder at what it is
What it takes and what it gives

I wonder at the beautiful rose
Where it ends after the glow

I wonder at the piece of straw
Where the genesis and where its flaw

I wonder at each thought I have
What will it create or why not

I wonder at the air I breathe
Where it is and why cant I see

I wonder at the sun that shines
How it warms, colors and blinds

I wonder at the moon above
How it lays on this earth its silver glove

I wonder at the roar of fire
At why it glows with the color of sky

I wonder at the past I had
All those memories buried to last

I wonder at the future to come
What it will hold and what I become

I wonder at the birds that fly
Defying gravity into the sky

I wonder at each form of life
How vigorous and full it is in strife

I wonder at all that there is
It is all grandeur, it is pure bliss!

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