Saturday, December 31, 2011

Infinite Causal Regress ~ Back to the Future

What will I be tomorrow?
I am me!
The state of flux manifests
I change from Being to Becoming ~ a cumulative discourse between content and context.
Is it fantasy that leads the imagination with its requisite abstraction?
I begin to write ~the call from the past?
I practice Medicine ~ a privilege to care for and nurture others
I educate myself in the field of Physics and Mathematics ~Does Lamarck press?
The mind is freed to grasp the abstract
Two new beautiful beings inherit the earth ~ our children
I marry my sweetheart
Sleepless nights, worry-filled days and joyous recoveries!
I am a physician ~ with a devotion to the craft
I educate myself in the field of Medicine ~love it
I go to Medical School
I prefer the idea of helping sick people ~has Darwin overcome Lamarck?
I want to be a physicist ~is this the Lamarckian influence?
I go to High School
I want to be a doctor ~is this the primary dictate of the Darwinian influence?
Different ideas roil inside and around me, 
I go to intermediate school
My friends advocate their ideas and plans to influence me
I advocate my future ~ that no one hears
I write a short story ~ that no one reads
I go to grade school
I read my first book called Fuzz and Buzz
I am a child tempered with introversion ~exerting my independence
I am an infant with all the assembled parts of a male ~ a miracle
The genes exert their Darwinian pressures ~ a tug here and a push there
I am a fetus ~ with cellular replication in full fury
The genetic materials unite ~ from Morula to Blastula
I am conceived ~ an army brat
My parents get married.

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