Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Blogger's Web

The breeze lifted the leaves from their reverie. Morning had broken and aside from the gentle caress of the air it was quiet. Between the two branches of this acacia plant there was an industrious little fellow hard at work ministering to his needs. His little spinnerets worked their magic as the silk glands ejected the silky fluid. He hung from the top of one branch till he made contact with the other branch and then through a mixture of sequential cadence, fine workmanship and hard labor he created a masterpiece called a web. Having finished, he quietly migrated to its strong epicenter and waited.

Curious though as it was, it made me think about Blogging. When we Blog, we do pretty much the same thing. Don’t we? Find out the location that allows us the freedom to express our thoughts. Having done that, the litany of words gets laid down “concretely” on the page and then with time we add to that litany, word-by-word and page-by-page. We spend all this effort for what? To draw other’s attention of course! Just like the spider waits for its prey. We wait for others to see the web we have cast.

It is a strange ritual and yet so beguiling in its curious attraction. The desire to express is innate in humans. The desire to express a viewpoint and have it acknowledged is a privilege for the writer. Why, we think. someone actually sees this while I sit in my family room and another sits or stands wherever he may have access to the mobile connected device is “insane,” to say the least. My word is incurring a thought in another’s brain. Wow! (Or maybe putting him or her to sleep – better than a sedative anyway.)

What once was the purview of the Ivory Towers inhabitants, the form of written expression has reached mere mortals. The question, “You mean, I can do it too?” is answered by a simple, “Yes!”

Time marches and the soapbox changes from lectern to dais to a promontory from where such pronouncement of deep or shallow expressions becomes available. Today it is as simple as a digital word that can move mountains, change a country’s fortunes, expose untruths, cross the seas, build a better skyscraper, flood a famished land or turn white a landscape with snow. Human is capable of achieving great things and now with collaborations from minds in distant lands with nothing more then a few digitized words, the world is changing.

The spider in us all wants to weave a web so others can be attracted to it, not as a predator but as a willing accomplice to share and create a better future. The digital word is to create, to spread cheer, to harmonize with nature and with each other or just merely to express a thought. The world watches as each thought is rendered and then it changes.

So what should we blog about? People will say, anything your heart desires. Really? I mean let us think through that answer for a minute. Anything means any momentary thought you have, anything means well anything. So in a moment of anger you will have digitized your anger for everyone to read and that goes for moments of happiness, sadness, overjoyed state, depression and frustration. In fact you could exploit the entire range of emotions and lay it out for every home chair psychiatrist to analyze. That may attract some but, no, I think the world is better served with expression of ideas rather then the self-absorbed harangue of discontent. Or we can write about the “Magnetic Cows,” but then, maybe not. Maybe leave that one for another day, that information, you see is more of a “scientific study” worthy of finding grant money and print paper.

Jeez! what a cynic, I’ve turned into. I’ll stop now.

Welcome to my web!

Next up: Diaphanous frippery in Science!


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