Friday, December 3, 2010

My Little Patient

Oncology Times: 
25 November 2010 - Volume 32 - Issue 22 - p 38 
doi: 10.1097/01.COT.0000391442.94138.8f 

He sat rocking in the chair  
Wanting to purge the ill inside 
The ill that was, was so rare 
That no doctor-tools could subside 

His cherubic face fraught with concern 
His blue eyes wide with fear 
His gentle hands clasped in turn 
Waiting for the right words to hear 

A wisp of anger floated by 
Covered quickly by a resolute desire 
A cloaked cloud of inner fear 
Whelmed by the wanton fire 

Past care he was not 
Past cure he was 
Past love he was not 
Past anger he was 

So resolute in his desperation 
And frantic-mad in thought 
Random he was in conversation 
Held together by the fight he fought 

Many since have come and gone 
And many more will come and go 
Not any would look like him 
And not any would take a hold 

Memories linger as times pass 
Riddling the conscience with regret 
Oh how could he not be around 
When others who shouldn't, have 

The truth is vainly exposed 
For he grows more beautiful with time 
The little boy with a rare disease 
Holds the keys to our life's chime 

He lived when he lived 
Yet lives on after he died 
He touched whom he touched 
When life held him in stride

Now thrice his age so removed 
Yet twice the memories abound 
As twice the regret so grooved 
Brings thrice the desire and yearns 

He lives, though he died 
He died and so he lives 
Others live because he died 
He died so others can live 

Past care is never sought 
Past cure is sometimes found 
Past love is never thought 
When deep memories abound 

As Auden's falling torrent flows 
Shaking the assurance of any rose 
And Shakespeare's clock that tells the time 
Shows hideous night in violet's past prime 

With Cranch's rare rose's bloom foiled 
In death its matchless splendor spoiled 
Gives measure to the life's time 
Untrammeled lives, trampled never reaches prime 

My little patient lives, though he died 
A deep memory still so shocking 
That at times I wake up in the night 
And find him in the chair rocking.

PARVEZ DARA, MD, a hematologist/oncologist in Toms River, NJ, also has a blog, “The Arts, 
Sciences and Medicine: The Physician and the art of science and science of medicine,” at 

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