Monday, August 3, 2009


Thinking Medicine. The Practice of Medicine is the artist's science. To divest the artist or the scientist leads to an imbalance that leads to substandard health care. 

Too often those craving for attention throw the health care issue in the forefront for their own ideology and influence getting metrics. What they don't know is that the artist who reconciles the dilemma of the human machine gone awry and uses his creativity, knowledge and experience to marshal the scientific facts is the physician. This physician incorporates into his or her decision making to rid the harmful vapors resulting in a healthy being to wrestle with life and the world, thus, giving dignity to the human soul. 

Human dignity is the prized possession of the human soul. Physicians spend countless hours preserving that dignity. Give them their right to practice their craft. There is no business of medicine. The "business" exists only because it is inserted by agencies wishing to exert their influence. There is unqualified dignity in helping others.
Science by virtue of its linear, mathematical and statistical rigor incorporates the ever-changing facts that morph and evolve for bettering life with the passage of exercise and time. It is a discipline formidable in intent at reaching for the compact of known knowledge to unravel the argument of existence. Scientists exert influence over life to decipher the wheels and gears of "how". This then also is the domain of the doctor. 

Medicine thus is also the scientist's art.

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