Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Business of Medicine

The dictates of a fragile humanity are the same as the aging of man made automation. Both require fixing. It is perhaps this knowledge that creates the need for understanding the mechanisms that fall prey to entropy.

Man like machine loses productivity with decline in performance. Unlike machine, humans however have the fecund brain that constantly evolves and remains productive. Thus "fixing" is a virtue rather then "discarding" to the junk pile.

How much is "fixing" worth, is determined in society by the pressures exerted upon it by the social, financial and moral well being of a nation? Youth remains skeptical of the elderly and fails to learn the vicissitudes of life from them. The elderly confined to their own minds rarely expose their inner thoughts to prevent ridicule. It is here that the disconnect of generations collide and dreams of reason bear the monsters of societal injustice. Grace is vilified under the pretext of prudence.

True the expenses in medical care are expanding at an uncomfortable rate. With the advent of technology, biological understanding of the human condition and the creation of products to sooth that condition the costs incurred are rising. The rate of rise is similar to that of the technological advance. It is here that fears of financial burden blossom. The demands for the latest and greatest innovation to "fix" and "costs" collide. 

Perhaps removing the overarching governance of the "one-payor" system and reversion to the old, "fee-for-service" or the new "pay-as-you-go" will limit the expense. It will limit the sense of "entitlement" by the consumer and limit the cost overrun by the provider. Coupling this with a "Tort-Reform" to prevent frivolous litigation can prevent undermining the very essence of "Medical Care."

The breach must be bridged but at a pace that our society can comprehend. A million ton barge turns in ever so slow speed and large radii to prevent accidents.

It is time to understand.
It is time to act intelligently.
It is time!

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